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My Father in law is an veteran from Vietnam War. He belonged to 195th AHC known as "Skychiefs". "The195th AHC was the only Army aviation unit permitted a camouflage paint scheme for cross border missions. The Helicopters beared no identification numbers or the Army logo. 195th AHC "Skychiefs" flew over 3,300

combat and combat support hours, combined with more than 50,000 sorties between November1967 to June 1970. By mid 1970 the enemy realized that the camouflage helicopters were responsible for supplying intelligence to the US and the 195th were increasingly targeted. The aircraft were repainted in original olive drab paint schemes. After the MACV-SOG missions stand-down on June 30,1970, the 195th AHC supported the 7th and 9th divisions of the Army of Republic of Vietnam, medical evacuations and resupply, and worked with and trained the Royal Thai Army "Black Panther Division" The unit was deactivated Dec 14,1970. Because of the operations of the 195th were clandestine the history was known to members only until the mission was declassified only couple years ago and the Unit received a Presidential Unit Citation. Many decorations were awarded the 195th for aiding the special force operation and the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol." (above quoted from ARMY FLIER April 14, 2005)

I wanted to show support to my father in law's group and designed these cups for their memorial dedication at Ft Rucker Alabama. If you have questions don't hesitate to call me or email me. 

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